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Shower curtain quirky,More and more users realize the importance of wet-dry separation in toilets, so it has become the most mainstream practice to make a partition in toilets when decorating. In many partitions, the status of the shower curtain has always been irreplaceable – especially in the small bathroom with two functions in the wet area (shower area and toilet area), the shower curtain has almost become the only way to separate wet and dry. Shower Curtains for Bathroom

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So what are the precautions in choosing and buying shower curtain? This is the problem we need to solve today. shower curtains mildew resistant.

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The bath curtain on market at present basically is two kinds of material: polyester and PEVA. shower curtain 24 inch width.

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The bath curtain on market at present basically is two kinds of material: polyester and PEVA.

It”s acloth made of fiber- it feels like cloth, but it”s actually polyester. When polyester is used on the bath curtain, some waterproof measures are usually taken to make the bath curtain more practical.

PEVA is a combination of PE and EVA – both materials are plastic, together, they are still plastic. The difference is that PE material is poor in texture, hard, light and environmentally friendly; EVA is the latest environmental protection material and looks more upscale.

Generally speaking, polyester shower curtain vertical feeling, feel better, and even can be compared with the curtain, of course, the price will be higher.


Bath curtain height is relatively fixed, 1.8m is the most common, the longest can reach the specific height requirements of 2m, can refer to the ground and top installation height requirements.

The width of the curtain should be 1.1-1.2 times the width of the wall, so that the curtain will have enough folds to avoid being washed up by water – not too many folds, otherwise it will be too big after opening.